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Topshop Stripe Bandeau DressI was just browsing around when this Stripe Bandeau Dress caught my eye. The direction of the stripes is not exactly my direction if you know what I mean, but the pockets fall so gracefully down the silhuette that it definately deserves a closer look. And it’s time to shout it loud We can think spring at last! Yours from Topshop for £28.00
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OK for someone who missed this (what you’ve been doing?!?!) – the Kate Moss Spring/Summer 2008 collection is available NOW! The feel is bohemian (especially combined with the newly arrived flats for spring). Maybe it’s the summer coming, I really feel boho & flirty, but I like it, much more than anything so far. Well seems like 5 is a good number for Miss Moss 😉
Kate Moss for Topshop Scarf Print Dress

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It’s been a while since I gave you the last Daily Fix from Topshop, so here it is – the IT coat, the IT bag, and the IT dress!
Topshop will also give away a bag with “Topshop” embroidered on it which is just gorgeous for just make your holidays & shopping happier.

Topshop Woll Skirted Trench Coat: £135.00; here comes warm yet elegant solution for this season. The belted trench coat is a classic and it would surely be trendy next season, so here they are £135.00 well spend (and you are eligible to grab the Topshop bag as well!).
Topshop Woll Skirted Trench Coat

Topshop Patent Ring Trim Bag: £35.00; I am not into the purple, neither I am into the navy blue (and if I give it a serious thought I don’t have a single item in my closet in those, except one bag from Nine West that is a present from my sister) but you will admit that the design is gorgeous.
Topshop Patent Ring Trim Bag

Topshop Stripe Spot Dress: £40.00; this dress is really interesting. It could be a hit or a miss depends only on what you combine it with. If you go with high heel pumps and a large bag (even the one above) there is a good chance you look like the aunty next door. But! If you go with dark leggings, ankle boots (preferably flat) and a clutch you are the queen of the night!
Topshop Stripe Spot Dress

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Since we are on the Christmas dresses subject, it would be a miss to neglect the new line of clothing and accessories in net-a-porter. Take a look at this satin dress from Mischino and you’ll know what I mean.

The line stresses on the dresses, but it also includes their respected accessories – a clutch from Bottega Veneta, a pair of golden Jimmy Coo slingbacks, Miu Miu patchwork tote, and my absolute favorite Pearl & Orb choker from Vivienne Westwood.

A gorgeous line, it definitely deserves your attention!

Moschino Cheap & Chic Two-Tone Dress
Moscino Cheap & Chic Two-Tone Dress


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If you are in a quest for the perfect dress for your Christmas party, net-a-porter might have just the thing for you.

I have made a selection for you, but there is lot more in the new arrivals so feel free to check it out for yourself.
Anna Sui Tulip Circle Print Dress: this one is absolutely gorgeous. The tulip pattern, and especially the three-quarter sleeves are very chic.
Anna Sui Tulip Circle Print Dress

Anna Sui Tree Print Bubble Dress: here’s another gorgeous style from Anna Sui. This one though comes in cotton. Ruched detail at the front and three buttons at the neck, should fit perfectly in a more formal party.
Anna Sui Tree Print Bubble Dress

Anna Sui Parasol Floral Print Top: This top combined with a pair of wide leg jeans will make you a perfect outfit for the party with the family or friends.
Anna Sui Parasol Floral Print Top

Hanii Y Embellished Jersey Dress: this one is again for more formal party, or combined with other accessories for a night out. As I have said thousand times again this season – grey is this season’s color so literally anything you get in it will make you look gorgeous.
Hanii Y Embellished Jersey Dress

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A new collection has arrived in Dorothy Perkins labelled “as seen in Vogue” so it definitely catches the eye.The collection consist of seven stylish outfits, including high waist dress, glittery tops, mini dress, shiny skinny jeans and so on.

I have chosen the below outfit for you, because I believe in the simplicity and grey is the color this fall.

Grey Rose Bubble Hem Dress. Price tag: £40.00
Grey Rose Bubble Hem Dress

Pewter Pyramid Stud Clutch. Price tag: £10.00
Pewter Pyramid Stud Clutch

Silver Metallic Lurex Sandals. Price tag: £25.00
Silver Metallic Lurex Sandals


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