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FrostFrench New Collection Has Arrived!

Posted on: September 24, 2007

I love London fashion, and I am not apologizing for that. I simply adore it. I also waited for the frostfrench website to finish with its construction for I think at least 3 years. But its over! Now the collection is here – and I promise this post will be one of many forthcoming reviews of the two London ladies’ work.
So enough of my obsessions, let’s talk fashion.
Heart Jacket
FrostFrench Heart Jacket

Image courtesy to

This jacket is my first pick. It equally fits with dress and pants, or the jeans below. It has ruffle collar which is always stylish and the puff sleeves just add to that picture. The color is navy.
Emmy Jean
FrostFrench Emmy Jean

Image courtesy to

To me this dark blue denim jeans design look like fit-it-all. The waistline is just as it has to be for being comfortable and elegant at the same time. The waistband also has belt loops, and the front pockets are with zip and button fastening. They’re 100% cotton.
Lucky Sequin
FrostFrench Lucky Sequin

Image courtesy to

This jacket definitely catches the eye, I am still trying to figure out whether it’s the design or the color, most probably both. Obviously frostfrench emphasize on the ruffled collars in their style which I find very fresh. What you can’t see from the image is that the jacket has hidden pull belt and belt loops at lining them.

Engineer Dress

FrostFrench Engineer Dress

Image courtesy to

I didn’t expect this dress. Not that I don’t like it, just didn’t expect it in this collection. I like the low waistline and two front hip pockets. Still cannot decide whether it fits better with flats or wedges … what do you think?

More about FrostFrench:
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2 Responses to "FrostFrench New Collection Has Arrived!"

I love Sadie, does she still designs the flavoured bikini? 🙂

i love the heart jacket!!!

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