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It’s been a while since my last daily fix from Topshop. Not that Topshop stopped to fix me, on the contrary, but winter has this dirty habit of making me lazy and loony … so here it is starting with the absolute must-have for the season – the trench coat!
Topshop Trench Coat, price tag: £55.00
The absolute belt classic with cute detail on the fastening.
Topshop Trench Coat
Topshop Star & Stripe Hoodie, price tag: £22.00.
Very cute starts stamped on the outside and black & white stripes on the inside.
Topshop Star & Stripe Hoodie
Topshop Ruched Neck Top, price tag: £25.00
The top would fit perfectly with the jeans below, and even the sling-backs.
Topshop Ruched Neck Top
Topshop Net Eva Skinny Flare Jean, price tag: £40.00
These jeans look a lot like the Coco Ribbon ones I won in January from Osoyou, although these ones are something like £110.00 cheaper 😉
Topshop Net Eva Skinny Flare Jean
Topshop Lace Up Sling Back Shoe, price tag: £55.00
I can only imagine what shopping fever these sling-backs cause to the girls in Topshop, I instantly added them in my Buy-or-Die shopping list!
Topshop Lace Up Sling Back Shoe

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Sadie Frost and Jemima French’s FrostFrench label is due to receive huuuge press coverage this month. No doubt because of their Fall Collection released last month.
I don’t know about Jemima French, but from what I know about Sadie Frost (for following her style, and the gossip around her with absolutely no shame) is that you can expect everything from this woman. Forget about Jude Law, 22 years old toy boys , close Kate Moss friendship and so on. If there is someone in the UK that has the absolute charisma and no replica style its her.
Well, back to the fix … a velvet jacket & a pair of high waist trousers, and if you still don’t feel fixed go to the underwear section of it should help.
FrostFrench Lucky Velvet

Image courtesy to
FrostFrench High Waist Trousers

Image courtesy to

More about FrostFrench:
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