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Pa-Tou-Tou Canasta Bag, price tag: $175.00
New designer styles arrived this morning in three main categories: wild exotics, bright colors & sexy clutches. As you now my heart is always on the clutches but it does not mean that I cannot appreciate a stylish satchel when I see one.
I am happy to see few styles from Pa-Tou-Tou displayed, as I am an old fan there. The second one which you could see here resembles a lot the much discussed Fold Over Clutch by Nine West.

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Frostfrench London Store Raided
The FrostFrench London store in Camden that opened just few weeks ago has been raided this morning. Two moped thieves grabbed stock estimated to approximately £10,000 in coats and denim.
This is awful news for the brand, but thankfully its all back to normal now.

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