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Sale Alert: Clutch Sale at Lori’s Shoes

Posted on: December 21, 2007

Clutches are not news anymore but they are still on the top so here is a good offer coming from Lori’s Shoes.
There are currently 33 items on sale in their Handbags section and stress is on the clutches so it’s definitely worthy a look.
My first pick is a sophisticated grey style with very chic large band of ruching around the top.

Jen USA 99G Grey: Was $152.00, Now $108.00
Jen USA 99G Grey

My second pick is a faux patent leather clutch with two center pleats on each side. The white patent leather polishes up any outfit you combine it with.

CCC 0018 White Patent: Was $32.00, Now $10.00
CCC 0018 White Patent

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