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Go Green – This Time It’s Urgent!

Posted on: October 22, 2007

I am horrified! Did you know that there is a possibility that in a century or two (or much less) we will all live on Venus??? This is what Global Warming means – 500C during the day and 300 athmospheres on us, and 98% CO2. But no worries there will be no “us” (except of course we evaluate for 50 years in a manner that allow us to actually live in 500C environment and breathe CO2, which I strongly doubt). I didn’t mean to be that harsh but it’s about our future and that of our children. Well, I am stopping here you got the point …
In this stressful state of mind I am happy when I come across a company like Remnant Clothing.
I prefer investing my candy cash in them, or others like them, thus investing in the future.
Brown Stripe Leather Wallet
RemnantClothing Brown Stripe Leather Wallet
Gold Pleather Wallet
RemnantClothing Gold Pleather Wallet


More about Eco Fashion:
* Littlearth’s Elvis Sigranture Bag Collection

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[…] More about Ecofashion: * Littlearth’s Elvis Sigranture Bag Collection * Go Green – This Time It’s Urgent! […]

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