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Urban Outfitters: “New York” Earrings?

Posted on: October 12, 2007

Earring are never enough, neither by quantity nor diversity. I will probably never stop filling my purse with all kinds of this shiny triffles, and I will be entirely honest – I have absolutely no limits with them. This comes as an obstacle to be very picky, so offers like UrbanOutfitters’ come just in time and place.
However, I am still having second thought if I am wearing this “New York” ones or not. Usually when I have that kind of hesitation I see them on a celebrity ear. So, here are the hot earrings from the Outfitters.
Noir New York Earrings – £30.00
UO Noir New York Earrings

Image courtesy to

Rectangle Jewel Drop Earring – £12.00
OU Rectangle Jewel Drop Earring

Image courtesy to

Filigree Leaf Earring – £10.00
UO Filigree Leaf Earring

Image courtesy to

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