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UGGs – The Show Goes On …

Posted on: October 5, 2007

UGG Boots
In the last few years, when the first snow comes the same old discussion starts – are the the UGGs other name for “Ugly” or they are a must-have for your closet.
There are many opinions on the subject, it’s true that most of them incline to the first statement, but you know what, every year more and more people buy UGGs, and I believe there’s a reason for people’s choice.
Honestly, I am sick of this. Ugly or not, shoe manufacturers did they best to make all kind of replicas to the classic UGG boots. If most of the people think they are ugly, and are trendy just because Paris Hilton wore them once, why hassle?
C’mmon people! UGGs are fashionable because they are an interesting alternative to your tired of high heel, pointed toe boots that you can’t wait to put off after a looong day. That’s why. After all, not all of us would leave their blood on their heels in fashion’s sake! So Deckers Outdoor Company provided a solution that Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Paris Hilton and many other style icons embraced. I am sure they did just because they wanted to look hideous. Ha!
And by the way to close the subject, Deckers Outdoor Company have launched an eco-friendly bio-degradable shoe that disintegrates if buried in the ground in a few months. For now the shoe is available in the UK only. I expect in a year or so, everyone to “explain” how they did it for PR only, and it’s just an ugly shoe that you wouldn’t wear especially if, God forbid, Paris Hilton puts them on first.

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