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Littlearth’s Elvis Sigranture Bag Collection

Posted on: September 27, 2007

Littlearth are in the ecofashion business long before it becomes an itchy subject. All their styles are made of eco products from the very beginning in 1993, but eco is not their only label, style also is.
Now their Elvis Presley Signature bags collection is available. It’s a way for you to celebrate and pay tribute to the eco issues, the style and to Elvis’ 30th anniversary.

I have choosen to show you today 3 of their 21 piece collection. All bags are fully described on Littlearth website.
Elvis 30th Anniversary Fender
ELvis 30th Anniversary Fender

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Elvis Microphone CycloneFlair
Elvis Microphone CyclonFlair

Image courtesy to

Elvis 30th Anniversary SuperFlair
Elvis 30th Anniversary SuperFlair

Image courtesy to

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3 Responses to "Littlearth’s Elvis Sigranture Bag Collection"

What material is this? It looks strange …

It’s a license plate material. I actually have the top one the fender. People stop me on the streets, even guys to compliment me on the purse. It’s a license plate I believe as that’s what the other purses were made of. I bought mine from I think they might still have them on sale it was very reasonable.

I am writing from Littlearth.

The licence plate material is aluminum sheeting (about 40% recycled content)
We buy it with a special white coating that enables us to print on the aluminum. The printing is a dye sublimation process: eoc-friendly ink jet inks are heated into the surface of the aluminum.

The hubcap ends are steel (about 60% recycled)

Also, part of our mission is to design long-lasting products that won’t get thrown away quickly. Our products come with a one year warranty; we’ll fix it for free for that first year (unless it’s been obviously abused) and if your product is older you can send it in and we’ll refurbish it for about 15 bucks.

-Ava DeMarco (one of the owners of Littlearth)

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