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A Collection To Die For – From Old Navy!

Posted on: September 20, 2007

Old Navy Shawl-Collar Sweater

I’ve spotted it yesterday and it totally blew me away. Old Navy is definitely becoming one of my fav GAP brands.

This black sweater for example – just classy, guys, just classy! Elegant & classy. It has cross-front collar and is so feminine it hurts. It is hard for me to think what it would not be ideal for. Its materials are wool & angora. The available colors are black, candy apple, heather charcoal, forest green, white & sweet pollen.

I am not finished. I am observing this flats all day long and trying to estimate if I do really need a 8th pair for the season. Even at my best efforts the observing will be over tomorrow with having the 8th pair as it seems.

I am still not finished, the jewelry collection! Especially the earrings, check them up – so much finesse.

Am I alone at this? What do you think on Old Navy’s latest? And what about the Gap’s new arrivals?

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