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Corset High Skinny Jeans by Topshop

Posted on: September 18, 2007

Corset High Skinny Jeans

What do you think of these honestly?

Because I had a second thought when I first saw them on a few celebrity bums … soon after though they completely overwhelmed me (same experience I had with ultra skinny jeans). Now that the trends are clear and more and more new arrivals come I am absolutely into the skinnies with or without corset.

As someone forever faithful to Topshop I am more than happy to see the skinnies still. This particular pair is in indigo, 98% cotton & 2% elastane. To help you stay elegant in your daily life they are machine washable.

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4 Responses to "Corset High Skinny Jeans by Topshop"

I’d love to have them!

I own some like that XD

Hello I am looking for a corset jean with back lace.

yeah! i want a pair too! do they look good on i have to order on the net as i am in france

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